Micky Hoogendijk, actress, model and photographer

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_oyster

Micky Hoogendijk. Born in Amsterdam July 8, 1970, Hoogendijk grew up immersed in an international environment of art; surrounded by artists, art dealers, theater makers, actors and dancers,

Actress, model and photographer.

I want my art to be more than photographs. I seek out innovative printing technologies to create images with depth and richness, so they appear almost three-dimensional.  

Happily lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Micky will be visiting Ibiza for a group exhibition on the 12th of May.  Layer is a group exhibition of Judith Wiersema-sculptor, Lolo Loren-painter and Micky Hoogendijk-photographer and shows the power layers of three different women in their art, life and personalities. May 12th, 4.30- 22 PM at the house of Lolo Loren, Lugar Venda de Benirras, 130 Ibiza, Spain (open till May 15th on appointment basis) http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=cfa4aed95a49bea6bf6c17535&id=7ae3d98486

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_oyster

VMI. Who is Micky Hoogendijk?

MH. Micky Hoogendijk, no mouse, no e. —she laughs— a very common mistake many people make when they write my name. But even more difficult is my last name. Ask an American to pronounce my name and it’s like someone choking on a pretzel. But when they finally get it right. It’s a great name because they love an eccentric last name that sounds European, especially when it come to art.

So I’m Dutch, super tall, very direct, warm and loving, curious about many things and truly interested in what is going on on a deeper level. I lived many lives already, I’m an artist, a traveler and a free spirit.

Is this a dating profile? God I hope not —she laughs.

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VMI. How/why did photography convinced you to explore it’s medium to express yourself?

MH. My mother passed away in 2009 and she gave me a camera right before that. It was her last gift to me. I took the camera out to the streets of San Francisco where I moved to right after she passed. I had a whole new life and the camera became a big part of that. Somehow she is with me in every new life I create.

I have lived a life in front of the camera as an actor. For me the change to behind the camera feels very natural. I do the same thing I did as when I was acting, I connect to people. Trying to find the real person behind the veneer that we all have. It all came very natural to me. I teached myself everything. It’s a very intuitive way of working.

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VMI. What makes a good photograph?

MH. It tells a story, you feel connected. It makes you wonder.

VMI. In general, “Citizen Kane”, “Cassablanca”, “2001 a Space Oddesey” are considered masterpieces amongst movies, same as “Dark Side Of The Moon” (Pink Floyd), “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts” (Beatles), “Exile on Main St.” (Stones) for music. What masterpieces would you add for photography ?


There are so many and most tell a heartbreaking story about war. My absolute favorite is this one from Helmut Newton. I was about 11 years old when I first saw this and I just loved it and still do.

There is something about female power that fascinates me.

Vintage Market Ibiza_Helmut Newton

VMI. What art moves you over and over again?

MH. Portraits because I can see, really see the person. My mind wonders off and I create my own story through the eyes of the one portrait.

But also the work of Lucio Fontana (abstract painter) and Edvard Munch (“The Scream”)

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_DUTCH

VMI. What would you tell Mickey now at age 18?

MH. You will be fine.

VMI. Music assists us through a roller coaster of memories, which songs make you turn up the volume, dance, sing and smile? thinking about…?

MH. This is the most difficult question. There are so many, with so many memories. The Jacksons – “Blame It On the Boogie”, Michael Jackson – “Rock with you” for old school disco dancing. Amy Winehouse – “Rehab” right before I need to do something big and “Pure Imagination” from the movie “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” because it is so true.

VMI. Who is the last person that inspired you to change your mind and made you think different about?

MH. The last person who was irrational and mean to me and hurt me. Somehow people who treat you the wrong way are the best mirrors to see clearly.

They give you a handle of certainty, you are able to step away, you know you can change the outcome of your own  life.

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_Sheltered

VMI. Which female academy award winner should donate her Oscar to you because that role had Micky Hoogendijk all over the script?

MH. That film still needs to be made. In LA people always tell me someone should write a script about my life. The problem is we don’t know the end yet.

VMI. Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton?

MH. Charlie Chaplin, just for his walk.

VMI. What are you proud of?

MH. One thing, taking care of my mother for five years before she passed. Giving her all the love and joy. Doing the whole bucket list with her. Realizing when she died in my arms that dying is like giving birth.

Our connection was and is very strong. Her last words, for a whole month where just: “I love you”. And that is all that truly matters.

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_The Bride

VMI. What are you stoked about lately?

MH. All the possibilities that lay in front of me. The unknown.

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_DUTCH -LACE

VMI. You will be on Ibiza soon for your exposition on may 12th, why will your photographs mesmerize them like never before?


Because it will the first time they are shown on the island —she laughs—. And with two beautiful other artists. Lolo Loren, Ibiza painter and Judith Wiersema Naarden The Netherlands, sculpture. It’s a girls party! I was brought up on Formentera. 1970 till 1990 every summer two months of total bliss on that beautiful island. My heart belongs to Formentera and Ibiza. I feel home. My first night club experience was in my pyjama at the age of 12. It inspired me and what I became in life. A free spirit. My work talks a lot about the freedom to be who you want to be. I love living in places where that is the norm. Hard to find these days.

I would love to be in Ibiza more often. Create new work with the beautiful people of Ibiza. Let’s make that happen.

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_Sunlight triptych

VMI. At the end of all questions, there is a special concept focused on inspiration. We ask you to name a designer/artist (or more) that inspire you and what questions (3 or more) would you ask him/her if you were our editor/interviewer.

MH. Lolo Loren, Ibiza painter and Judith Wiersema Naarden The Netherlands, sculpture:

What of you being a woman is seen in your work?

How important is sensuality and seduction either in form or color in your work?

Is the sky the limit?

Vintage Market Ibiza_Micky Hoogendijk_Fish Eye Open Closed

Micky, thank you for your time.

You can check Micky’s work at: