You can be a Mermaid too!

Lupita Faet, photographer and professional diver, gives us the opportunity to feel like a Mermaid. She has the gift of capturing beautiful portraits that enhance the sense of freedom & that underwater feeling.

Lupita has been working for years beneath the waves, where she moves like a fish. She has the ability to capture perfectly the beauty of the sea and its magical and natural light.

Her career in fashion and publicity studios, combined with her experience as an underwater photographer, serves her now as inspiration for her “Underwater Artistic Portraits “.

Lupita Faet travels around the world to capture her photographic art and for the last few years she has been visiting us every summer season in Ibiza, her second home.

Ibiza is known for its amazing beaches, charming locations and its Mediterranean light. The perfect combination for her “Underwater Artistic Portraits “.

Lupita’s portraits capture the harmony between the individual and the aquatic environment, creating unique and exclusive images for everyone without the need to be a great swimmer or a professional model.

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To learn more about the work of Lupita Faet and enjoy her extensive image gallery, visit her website, her facebook page DREAM BLUE Lupita Faet and her Instagram Profile @dreamblueibiza