Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

Lita Cabellut , artist of Catalan origin living in The Hague, Netherlands, appeals to her gypsy roots that allow her to feel at home anywhere.

Lita is interested in the human being, its greatness and its weakness; her paintings are loaded with stories and feelings, reflecting the soul of each character in a raw and naked way.

VMI. Who is Lita Cabellut?

LC. Artist, mother, friend and all the things that one has to be on this life.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita CabellutVintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut         

VMI. There is an ancient myth that dutch light (The legendary light in paintings) is different from anywhere else, does it inspire your work?

LC. Of course, the crystal blue, the white with a grey tone, the reflections of the trees on the sea, all of that inspires the work of a painter.

VMI. What should the art world get rid off?

LC. Ignorance, arrogance and labeling the artist.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. What is the art world missing?

LC. Discretion and intuition.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. What part of you being a woman is seen in your work?

LC. I’m a very hybrid person, I pass from one being to another with the movement of my lines and color. I could not say because I don’t recognize in my work.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. Your life through music, 3 songs representing important periods in your life?

LC. “Mercedes Benz” of Janis Joplin, “Blowing in the wind” of Bob Dylan and “Como el Agua” of Camarón de la Isla. Rock and poetry are always part of my life.

VMI. You have been living in Holland for quite some years now, what strikes you most in difference between spanish and dutch people?

LC. The volume of the voice is the only thing that might differentiates us because we are both very passionate and temperamental. As europeans we are very much alike, there aren’t remarkable differences and to state otherwise would be generalizing.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. The first step when creating a new piece is to treat the canvas chemically, when and how did you decide that it was an essential part of the process?

LC. It started when I really felt that the canvas could not carry all the stories and dreams that I wanted to express.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. What inspires you?

LC. The human being, you, me, us.

VMI. What do you like?

LC. I like people, their imperfections, their broken pieces, the incredible power within them, the capacity to kill and love at the same time, the catastrophes and the skies created by the same hand. Human creatures are incredible.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. Who rules when creating?

LC. Art

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

VMI. Will you go back one day to your homeland?

LC. To come back is like stating that I once left and I don’t feel that way, I’m temporarily here and everywhere at the same time. Don’t forget that I have gypsy roots and that is part of my DNA, I feel home everywhere I go.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Lita Cabellut

Lita, thank you very much for your time.

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