Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own wedding dress for your special day? Have you spent endless nights trying to figure out what material or cut would make yourself shine and suit you as a princess? Did you even think of the possibility of having your own experienced designer guide you through this process and attend your needs until you and your dress become one?

Marinela Cifteli, designer of the international Haute Couture brand Kurru Kurru located on the island of Ibiza, is now offering a fashion design concept that will make your own unique Haute Couture wedding gown dreams come true.

Using the same originality and handcrafted excellence she deploys in her Haute Couture to perfectly fit it to your body, she will ensure you the most gorgeous gown, whether your wedding is on the island or you want to take her Ibiza magic to whichever part of the world the wedding may be. You can extend the magic and have your bridesmaids dressed by her, and even the groom – not in a dress of course but in an original bespoke Kurru Kurru piece-for-man.

“We work mostly with silk, lace, pearls and crystals, and use light and transparent fabrics so Ibiza brides can stay cool in the heat,” says Marinela. “I like the more classy and romantic styles, but we can create anything the bride may fantasize about”. Every piece is ” One of a Kind “


Marinela recommends to start your wedding dress consultation three months before the wedding to secure a perfect time frame for design, sourcing fabric, pattern making and the intricate handwork on each dress. The fittings are offered to be held in the Clients Home including ” Over Seas Service ” which will make your pre-bridal experience more personal, confortable and unique.

To achieve a truly personal result that reflects your personality, Marinela creates a mood board for you. It contains a variety of shades, styles and shapes, to find out what truly works for you.

Prices range from between 700€ for a simple silk gown up to 5000€ for a truly amazing, one-of-a-kind couture creation, and include the cost of materials, design and work.

Kurru Kurru stands for a modern interpretation of ” Laissez-faire ” representing a vivid lifestyle which reflects sensuality and sex appeal thru elegance and individuality.


But because not all of us want to get married but do want to have a great shopping experience by the hand of Marinela, in 2015 Kurru Kurru will amplify their Haute Couture Conception with a new mid-price segment Collection called ” Kurru Kurru Second Line “. We have designed this line of fresh cuts for young Looks in an affordable price range. The ” Second Line Collection ” will be complimented with clutches and accessories.

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This summer, after many requests and for the first time, Kurru Kurru offers a ” Private Sales Service “.  For Clients who prefer privacy and 100% attention while shopping for Fashion, appointments are made and the shop will close doors for the requested timeframe to provide an exclusive shopping experience, complimented by an exquisite catering. On demand the Client can book a Stylist for consultation and models for the presentation of the available pieces and combinations. The ” Private Sales Service ” can also be booked as a ” Home Delivery ” to the Clients house or yacht worldwide.


Entering the world of Kurru Kurru will make you feel special.

Images: Ana Lui / Kurru Kurru

Hat design: Julia Cranz