Ibiza fashion show artist interview: La La Lou Barcelona

Ibiza fashion show artist interview

During the Ibiza Fashion Festival, we were priviliged to talk to a few of the artists/designers.

The first interview is with the owner of La La Lou Barcelona, a jewelry brand from Barcelona.

VMI. Why jewelry?

LLL. Because i couldn’t find what i was looking for. I always wanted to wear jewelry, but i actually never did, because i could not find any jewelry that i REALLY loved and was not the same as all the other brands.

VMI. Where does your inspiration come from?

LLL. I love Barcelona, as it is a big city i always feel i’m still in Nature when i wander around Barcelona, because it is so green.

VMI. How do you keep up with the trends?

LLL. I love to read all the big fashion magazines, such as VOGUE of course. They tell us what we can expect within a year half a year. The trick is to look further than that, or to be really quick when you spot a trend. I work with influencers as well, so i look at what they wear, so nice to see that even influencers (who get everything for free mostly) buy my stuff!! Biggest compliment.

VMI. Do you make everything yourself?

LLL. Well, i started by making everything by hand, now i work together with the best suppliers and the best jewelers. BUT, i select, pick and make everything myself. It’s hard work, but it is my passion, my hobby and my work.


VMI. How does a creative proces work?

LLL. Well, i buy the stuff i need, i sit down in my working space and than i start…..sometimes i make everything in one day, sometimes it takes longer. When i’m done, i’m still not done, i need to test the jewels, how does it feel? Is it to big, small, is it in the right position? Is it what i wanted it to be? I have jewels for very special occasions and i have them for a ”normal” day. I really like the Limited edition jewelry, i have a store in Holland that asked for a whole limited edition collection, so that’s what i made.

VMI. Could you describe the women who wear your jewels?

LLL. Women who dare to be a little bit different, women who feel, wearing my jewelry even more secure about themselves wearing my jewelry!

VMI. Where is the brand right now and where are you heading to?

LLL. La La Lou is in the very beginning, but will keep her creativity forever, how big we will get depends on how hard we work!


VMI. People think that they know you. What should they remember of you?

LLL My hard work, my creativity.

VMI. Things that have inspired or influenced you lately.

RO. Nature.

VMI. Where do you feel more inspired or where do you get more ideas?

LLL. Outside mostly, but sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea ;).


What are you thinking about when you can’t sleep?

 a 100000 things…

VMI. Which music, album or song are you listening to when you feel annoyed? And when are you inspired for your work?

LLL. I never listen to music when i work! Weird no? Ha ha.

VMI. Do you have any advice for designers who have just started their careers?

RO. Stand for what you want/think. Don’t let other people tell you what or what not to do. BUT always listen to the people around you, i had the best ideas together with friends/family.

If you want to check her latest creations visit his website www.lalaloubarcelona.com