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Bohemian Exotica is our interpretation of a versatil woman that enjoys her savoir faire. Less than a month ago we meet Giusi Ferrato and put together this proyect, 6 designers of Ibiza and the eye of the photographer Eric Ceccarini made it happen.

This is the first project done by Violeta Gladstone (Editor in Chief and Styler of Vintage Market Ibiza) with Giusi Ferrato and Eric Ceccarini. You can check more of projects at

First look: Lace crossed dress by Elke Klein Ibiza. Ring of Sara Di Vita

Second look: Jacket and pants embroided by Wardrobe of Dreams. Rings by Sara Di Vita. Morrocan blanket from Bisc Ibiza

Third look: Embroided kimono by Ibiza Boheme. Jewelry by Sara Di Vita

Fourth look: Dress and blanket from AmanoArte Ibiza

Fithlook: Total look from Belinda Shop in San Carlos

Sixth look: Batik tunic by Giusi Ibiza for sale on LasDalias Market. Necklace by Boutique Lingam in San Carlos.


Concept and styling: Vintage Market Ibiza and Giusi Ferrato

Model: Kim Schmoker

Hair & Make up: Giusi Ferrato

Photography: Eric Ceccarini