Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska     
Aga Baranska , based in Poland is always exploring new paths to express her inner journey of creativity, loves to travel and be caught by different levels of inspiration to push new ways of expressing her self through her paintings.

VMI. Who is Aga Baranska?

AB. Oh, over the years I have really come to like and understand that girl. She believes in what she does. She creates art and objects influenced by her passion to different cultures and does not compromise when she is in front of the canvas. She can cry and smile with a minute distance and for her work the starting point is always the heart, otherwise everything else is just waste of time. That rule applies to the world in and outside of her atelier. So that’s just Aga.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. When did you realize that being an artist was something that was even a possibility as a career?

AB. Since my secondary school of art where I really started to spread my wings. It was never even a possibility that art would just be a hobby. It has always been a full time occupation/job from the beginning. During my study later on in London I discovered  that fashion and art can turn out to be great collaboration partners and that the possibilities are really endless.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. What’s the most surprising or insightful thing someone from outside the art world has told you about your work?

AB. I try to remember only the nice things —she smiles— Someone who bought my painting said that it makes him happy every time he looks at it and that even the girl on the portrait follows him with her big eyes around the room. Must be some kind of magic right?

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. What is the most excited thing that happened to you lately?

AB. I just came back from Tokyo where I did a joint exhibition with some very talented artists at the Tokyo Art Fair. It was fantastic to be surrounded by people that share the same passion for art and connect with the visitors at the show.

I am coming back to Tokyo for years now as it really found a place in my heart but that’s an entire other story…

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. Which artists keeps on surprising you over and over again?

AB. Picasso for me was a genius. I keep on discovering new things in his work and just when  I think  “OK, I have seen all there is”, he surprises me with something new to see.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. Loved by the art critics but not understood by the people or bad art reviews but selling like… cupcakes?

AB. Let’s be honest, the critics make the rules as there is a big money machine behind the art world leaving little space for coincidence. But as we learned from history of art, many great artists were once rejected by the art world and only supported by friends and family. Rothko, for example, sold his first painting at the age of 49.

Today, thankfully to the  internet, artists and individual buyers have more to say and options to interact directly with each other creating new possibilities in the market.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. How does your favorite day looks like?

AB. The ultimate day includes: hugging my kids, painting in my atelier, enjoying a good glass of rose wine, searching for new images, talking to my friends, eating together with my parents, taking a walk to the beach… No matter in which order I can do this things, I feel very privileged and thankful.

VMI. Where would a working time machine bring you back to?

AB. Maybe only to my childhood. Only to gain that feeling again that you don’t know what tomorrow will bring but nevertheless  still feel safe and happy. We all grow older much too fast and become too stiff, too careful and too egoistic.

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. Do you have a scenario ready if Vogue would approach you for a ¨carte blanche¨ collaboration?

AB. No. I honestly don’t. But I guess that if I put my hands on it, there will be no space left for Photoshop —she smiles.

VMI. What is the most rebellious thing you did and are proud off?

AB. Maybe this is already wrong as I think I make my own rules, so there is no need  to break them later —she smiles— So I guess the rebellious things are still in front of me. I am pretty sure one day I will be the granny with blue hair who sells all her possessions to go live with some shamans in Mexico!

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. What would Aga Baranska change if she would be in charge as minister of the love, peace and respect department of this world?

AB. I guess I would not last long as such a minister, I am much too sensitive, too honest and too romantic!

But if I was in charge I would change that we all have one more chance to spend one more day with a person we love but is not there anymore, besides in our heart and memories.

VMI. Where can we see and admire your work?

AB. I am about to confirm a show in Paris in October and a women group show in Marrakech. Of course, everyone is always  welcome to visit my studio in Gdynia, Poland and to check my work at:

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

VMI. What did we forget to ask you?

AB. When am I in Ibiza? Coming soon!

Vintage Market Ibiza - Aga Baranska

Everybody should read… and answer their messages. This today’s “coolness” is just a lack of good manners. Sadly.

Everybody should listen to… their mother. If you’re lucky to still have one – they are hardly ever wrong. Really.

Everybody should see… the sea and then you just breath differently.

Everybody should once in their lifetime… get married just for the good party. No I am kidding. But feel free with the person you love. That’s rare.

Thank you Aga, it’s been a pleasure.

The images are Aga Baranska’s.